Derrek Guthrie, Inspector General (rival)

Derrek Guthrie

Inspector General Guthrie is the internal affaire ISB agent responsible of the Destiny and he will collaborate with any other ISB agent at 200%.


He gives the PCs way too much information to be useful. Every officer’s “wrong” move, in its presence, has been tracked and documented, even the most insignificant details!

He believes that most officers should be re-educated! Well, more like most Imperial citizen… he his a little intense.

Episode 0
ship: Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny
area: Everywhere
motivationpersonality: Hates droids
strength - Idealistic
The COMPNOR is all! Everyone must follow the rules dictated by the Emperor or suffer the consequences!
flaw - Greed
Inspector General Guthrie is never satisfied with what he has and he is willing to infringe upon others’ rights in order to get what he wants.
Initial Seed: 453990