Custom Squad

A Custom Squad is a special unit purchased using 1 Contribution Rank. It consists of 12 minions, including 3 specialists. A custom squad enables the use the Mission Specialist formation; see Squads & Squadrons for more info.

  • A Custom Squad cost 1 CR.
  • 1 minion out of 4 is a specialist (3 out of 12)
  • The specialties must be chosen when purchasing the Custom Squad; for example a medic, a computer geek, and a mechanic guy
  • Use standard minions. At the GM discretion, if a player want to use “overpower minions”, it is possible to add 1 CR to the cost, for a total of 2 CR for the Custom Squad.
    • As a reference, “standard minions” have ±4 wound threshold.


More info to come…