Brewinger's Bounty

After the attack on them by Reeda, Undrake put a bounty on Brewinger, which was last seen as pending approval.

Brewinger's Revenge

After blowing up the location of one important facility, he hired bounty hunters to kill the PCs, ISB or not!

Siege of Frilp

The Siege of Frilp lasted for months against The Voiceless Ones.


EdG(Criminal Syndicate)

Les Enfants du Grabuge (a.k.a. EdG), which means Children of Mayhem, is a powerful criminal syndicate that operate primarily in the Outer Rim. They are affiliated with the Hutts.

Naarlock's pirates(Pirates)

Evil pirates with a skull in front of a highly-modified Nebulon-B Frigate, what can go wrong?

Rebel Alliance(Rebels)

The Rebel Alliance is a stateless interstellar coalition of republican dissidents, revolutionary factions and anti-imperialist clandestine cell systems in a resistance movement against the imperialist Galactic Empire. The Alliance’s goal is to restore the Galactic Republic.

Silver Sun Mining Company(Company)

The company was founded 195 years ago by Daniel Jones. At the time, its main business was mining blaster gas extract, with 30 employees headquartered in a well-maintained office.


The Voiceless Ones

The Voiceless Ones represent a remote empire that span multiple sectors on the border of the known galaxy.


Grace Gray

Grace Gray is the sister of Phobe Gray of the Silver Sun Mining Co. She’s the one that invited Jenssar to race in the galactic semi-pro race. Jenssar, in his free time, spend time with her helping her and her Repulse-o-ski team.

Naarlock's pirates

They like to pillage, steal, and blow things up! The New Order wants to stop them from terrorizing the outer rim.

The Alchemists

This could be the guy that made the poison that killed Dargon’s wife!

The Cryptic text

After investigating a file that turned out to be a cryptic message, Undrake and the Chiss Initiative are looking into the possibility of finding a legendary artifact or a mythical temple.

The Dark Character

A Dark Imperial Character seems to give force power from time to time to Jenssar. He seems highly ranked and interact mostly with the Grand Moff, the Grand Admiral and the GRand General of the area.

The Rebels of Admiral Zryv'yhx

The empire is against a dangerous cell of rebels.



The legendary interceptor rebel squadron lead by Rush.


The newest rebel squadron, lead by Juno Eclipse, that made a name for themselves in the past few months.


Infamous rebel heavy fast attack starfighter squadron lead by Bonkers.