The Cryptic text

After investigating a file that turned out to be a cryptic message, Undrake and the Chiss Initiative are looking into the possibility of finding a legendary artifact or a mythical temple.

Campaign Information
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Episode 2: The Communication Logs

In an old abandoned Rebel Propaganda Broadcast Facility used as a relay, deep into the Outer Rim, close to the unknown regions, the PCs had to acquire the tower transmissions logs to help triangulate the hyperspace coordinate stolen by Undrake. Moreover, Undrake received a coded message from the Chiss initiative telling him to look for a file, in the Jakuta III base, hashed 65c336faac23467b9ef0dbb80781434e.

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Episode 5: The Cryptic Text

The Chiss Initiatives deciphered the file found by Undrake. The document contains ancient Jedi symbols. A piece of a Jedi-Sith War era-old translator device could be located under an old supply depot base of a remote jungle planet. Raymond, infiltrated in the EdG criminal syndicate, discovered that the station was a base serving the infamous Brew Wilfinger aka “Brewinger”.

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Episode 1: The Imperial War Machine

This adventure displays the power of the imperial armada during the battle of the Niyrius system, while the PCs help Commander Foxwell to destroy a rebel base.

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Episode 11: Save Air Marshal Hublin

Undrake and Daasir were tasked of bringing back an important artifact that Hublin was investigating. One of the slave was the former owner of the artifact.