General Guidelines

  • 5 xp per hour played
  • 10-30 xp for an episode completion
  • 20-50 xp for a story arc completion

This is the only XP that new players joining during the campaign gets.


  • 5 xp per player that attend (per session)

This account for the player’s presence, participation, and his normal-good RP.


  • 10 xp for exceptional motivation play (once per character’s lifetime) - as per the rules
  • 5 xp for great RP or motivation play (once per episode) - as per the rules
  • 5 xp for exceptional RP or motivation play (once per episode)
  • 5 xp for very original or game-changer idea (once per episode)
  • 5 xp for interesting or very useful usage of a story points

Extra XP for milestone completions and exceptional roleplay. This should not be given very often, only on rare occasion.

I don’t apply the normal rules (stroked) because the 5xp is included in the 5 xp per player that attend the game session. Moreover, I don’t mind giving an extra 5 xp from time to time for exceptional play; not just once per lifetime for motivation play.

Using my XP

  • Players can use XP to “level up” characters only between episodes
  • Players can flip a Story Point to invest XP during a game session (at GM discretion)


Game session

A game session is a game night; usually around 2-3 hours of play time.


An episode is an adventure, that can span multiple game sessions.

Story arc

A Story arc is a story that span multiple episode.

For example:

  • Running after a rebel cell and destroying their base after months of play.
  • Running away from an enemy, and, after multiple episodes, finally trapping him into stopping his pursuit (maybe having him arrested, killing him, etc.).