Bancroft (nebula)

A Nebula, with a high anomaly level, that host a passageway between the system Thorndike and Miinko.

Endium (system)

The Endium system is the home of the the Silver Sun Mining Company’s headquarter.

Faweetley-859 (planet)

The planet was named after the explorer that discovered it: Derek Faweetley.

Gofftown Spaceport (spaceport)

Gofftown Spaceport is a highly corrupted Imperial-class Spaceport on the planet Statoko.

Gofftown (town)

Gofftown harbor an Imperial Spaceport and is located on the planet Statoko. The town is widespread with a tight downtown and excessively huge mansions along the rivers.

Jakuta III (planet)

Jakuta III is in the system Jakuta and is the host of a lot of volcanos.

Lanexa-Bunn II (planet)

Lanexa-Bunn II is a Carbon-based planet (barrens) that hosted a Carbonite and Tibanna mine, exploited by the Silver Sun Mining Company about 150 years before Episode 10.

Lanexa-Bunn (system)

Lanexa-Bunn is a system with, at its center, a pulsar that emits ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

Manistas (planet)

A planet where to be enrolled with the Fireflies mercenary group.

Miinko (system)

A system were a passageway in the Bancroft Nebula ends.

Naalthor (sector)

Naarmatis (planet)

The siege of Naarmatis is where Felecia Kralick got known for her fierce tactics.

Niyrius (system)

System where a battle happened between the Empire and the Rebels, over a rebel base.

Phantom Penitentiary (prison)

The Phantom Penitentiary is a maximum-security prison where no one gets out of. Its location is secret, and the travel is almost impossible to do without the right set of coordinates.

Statoko (planet)

A remote planet, in the outer rim, where rebels have many sympathizers. The people living there are very poor or extremely rich. The planet has a lot of rivers and navigable water areas, which lead many rich people to build mansions near their shore.

Thorndike (system)

A system were a passageway in the Bancroft Nebula starts.

Traer-4 (planet)

Traer-4 is an oceanic planet, a sort of paradise, where only the richer can buy homes there.

Vorta-on-aachor (moon)