Episode 13: Shays' Legacy

The war against the Voiceless One is raging, and the New Order is having a hard time gaining terrain. Deputy Director Batzer sent the Overwatch to retrieve an old relic, a key, from a Voiceless One sacred place of worship.

Episode 12: Assault on Mulino

The word is that the report of the Voiceless Ones working with the Rebels reached the Emperor himself. The New Order considered that breaking the peace agreement and launched a massive scale assault on their sector. Many sector forces were drawn upon, in that massive invasion of the Voiceless Ones’ space, including the one of Grand Moff Leonis.

Episode 11: Save Air Marshal Hublin

Shea Hublin, the adoptive father of Jenssar, was captured by Slavers while investigating disappearing citizens. The ISB has been tasked to retrieve Hublin alive and destroy the slaver operation.

Episode 10: The Lanexa-Bunn Mine


Episode 9: Phantom Operation

After a long journey trying to find the rebel base of Admiral Zryv’yhx, the ISB and Imperial Intelligence teamed up to lure the rebels out!

Episode 8: The Galactic Race

While Jenssar was racing in the semi-pro race, Undrake was shopping in the tech-expo, and Kaine was the ISB officer in charge of Grand Moff Leonis personal security.

Episode 7: Deputy Director Kataz

The Overwatch had to extract Deputy Director Kataz. He was kidnapped by rebel insurgents. Then they had to assess the damage done. To finally eliminate the threat if necessary, making it looks like the rebels did it, which is good for the New Order image.

Episode 6: The Cortosis Shipment

While the Kaki Usyk was under repair, after a memorable out-burst of intense rage by Commander Foxwell, Undrake was pulling all of the string that he could to find the one mission, that could lead to acquiring Cortosis.

Episode 5: The Cryptic Text

The Chiss Initiatives deciphered the file found by Undrake. The document contains ancient Jedi symbols. A piece of a Jedi-Sith War era-old translator device could be located under an old supply depot base of a remote jungle planet. Raymond, infiltrated in the EdG criminal syndicate, discovered that the station was a base serving the infamous Brew Wilfinger aka “Brewinger”.

Episode 4.5: The Newcomer

Dargon StarLight has been dispatched to lead some special forces for a secret mission and left Raymond to infiltrate the EdG criminal syndicate. L33T is being used on the frontline of the war raging in the system Sevaren. Meanwhile, Commander Foxwell calls Undrake and Jensar to the bridge of his ISD, then travelling to the Kuat Drive Yard.

Episode 4: Elusive maneuvers

Phoebe Gray has gone missing and Tom Krenik was still defending her. In fact, Tom decided to get rid of her by sinking her family’s mansion by coercing with one of Phoebe’s best friend: Gallagher Linton.

Episode 3: Coercive Diplomacy

Officially, the Overwatch had to convince the CEO and the Board of Directors of Silver Sun Mining Company to allow the empire to secure their facilities due to an increase in rebel activity. Unofficially, the Empire suspected the Silver Sun Mining Company of letting the rebels steal starfighter-grade durasteel to help the rebellion against the New Order.

Episode 2: The Communication Logs

In an old abandoned Rebel Propaganda Broadcast Facility used as a relay, deep into the Outer Rim, close to the unknown regions, the PCs had to acquire the tower transmissions logs to help triangulate the hyperspace coordinate stolen by Undrake. Moreover, Undrake received a coded message from the Chiss initiative telling him to look for a file, in the Jakuta III base, hashed 65c336faac23467b9ef0dbb80781434e.

Episode 1: The Imperial War Machine

This adventure displays the power of the imperial armada during the battle of the Niyrius system, while the PCs help Commander Foxwell to destroy a rebel base.

Introduction: The secret code generator

Foxwell sent the PCs to the Assimilator-class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny that was patrolling the Naalthor sector.

Introduction: The simulator

An introductory mission, allowing the PCs to get the feel of their character and of the setting where the PCs attacked pirate captain Naarlok’s crew, in an impossible simulator mission.