Introduction: The simulator

An introductory mission, allowing the PCs to get the feel of their character and of the setting where the PCs attacked pirate captain Naarlok’s crew, in an impossible simulator mission.

The PCs started in pursuit of the Scalvenker, a VCX-820 Corellian Escort Freighter. The pirate ship stole goods from the Empire, is heavily armed, and manned by an experienced crew.

After a fierce fight, an heavily modified Nebulon-B frigate, with a skull carved in the front, exited hyperspace to meet the Scalvenker. The Raazial, flagship of the infamous pirate captain Naarlock, opened fire on the PC, to protect the Scalvenker.

The PCs then boarded the Raazial, following the Scalvenker in the hangar. THey then deployed L33T that blasted the hell out of the pirates, helped by the other member of the Overwatch division.

After numerous hit and countless pirate casualties, Undrake called Commodore Carbonneau to the rescue. Luckily, he was in a system close by and was able to come on board the ISD Falsifier to finish up the Raazial; what a good timing!