Introduction: The secret code generator

Foxwell sent the PCs to the Assimilator-class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny that was patrolling the Naalthor sector.

Their primary objective was to escort a team of crypto-engineers that needed to install a new secret code generator. Their secondary objective was an internal affaire investigation to assess the threat level of on-board officers and see if all protocols are respected. Unofficially, the Destiny was the PCs temporary base of operation because the Naalthor sector was close enough to be called on some secret operation.

As expected for an internal affair investigation, the welcome committee was limited to Corry Stocks escorted by two Stormtroopers.

The ship just got out of a long journey, the Siege of Frilp, troops are tired, pilots are exhausted; both the navy and the army are welcoming new members as replacement for their dead, creating a not that happy atmosphere. The Siege of Frilp lasted for months against The Voiceless Ones, a remote empire that span multiple sector on the border of the known galaxy.

After a long and thorough inspection of the ship, including scans made by Undrake, the Destiny got called to assist Foxwell in the Niyrius system.