Campaign Theme

Star Wars Imperial Security Bureau Agents: New Order fanatics!

The story begins right after the Empire Strikes Back.

The PCs are members of a special division: the Overwatch. That gives them the opportunity to execute missions in all ISB branches (Internal Affairs, Re-Education, Enforcement, etc.) and not to be limited to one. Only elite members of the COMPNOR can dream of being a member of that division, and only the best will survive it.

Core rules


Star Wars specific mechanics

Age of Rebellion’s duty system (p. 49, 325).


  • Use Genesys general skills, but:
    • Alchemy is not used
    • Driving is the same as Piloting (planetary)
    • Operating means piloting capital ship
    • Piloting is the same as Piloting (space)
    • Riding is not used; use survival instead, as specified in Genesys rulebook.
  • Discard Genesys Magic skills
  • Use Star Wars Combat skills
    • Brawl
    • Gunnery
    • Melee
    • Ranged (Light)
    • Ranged (Heavy)
  • Use Star Wars Knowledge skills
    • Core World
    • Education
    • Lore
    • Outer Rim
    • Underworld
    • Warfare
    • Xenology


  • By default, the following talents, but the depreciated one, are allowed: Talents

Signature abilities

  • A character must have two rank 5 talents to purchase a signature ability for his character.
  • The signature abilities are considered tier 6 talents.
  • They cost 30xp to purchase.
  • Optionally, there is no limitation to how many signature abilities a character can have.
  • Once acquired, use the Star Wars signature ability trees as is.

That guy had something very similar to what I wrote about signature abilities, so I picked up some of his ideas to complete my version (which is almost the same thing now); Thanks to his work on Star Wars to Genesys Special Rule Conversion.

The force

Use Star Wars Force Power trees as is.


Since there is no specialization in Genesys the players have a few choices:

  1. Choose a Genesys career and apply the rules as is.
  2. Choose a Star Wars career, check the 8 career skills and gain 1 rank in 4 of those skills (as per both rulesets).
  3. Choose a Star Wars specialization, choose and check 8 of the 12 career skills and gain 1 rank in 4 of those.
  4. Create a new career that better fits your needs, with your GM.

Character creation

To kickstart the game and meet the Overwatch Division requirements, the PCs must be more than simple recruits.

Starting Gear

  • Max 2,000 credits per individual piece of standard equipment with a Rarity of 6 or less
  • Max 10,000 credits of standard gear
    • So, you can buy 5 items that are worth 2,000 or 1,000 items that are worth 10.
    • You don’t need to hit the limit, some character will need more than others; you’re are part of the imperial war machine, you have access to special stuff without the need to own it!
    • Remember: the GM always have the last word!
  • Definition of standard equipment: your day-to-day gear; nothing special and nothing that fits only a few specific situations. For example, an armor that suits your character, one or more weapons that suit your style, a few other pieces of gear like a Commlink, an extra reload, a backpack, as long as the equipment aligns with your character day to day role in the empire.
  • For anything that cost more than the specified amounts, the GM must approve. Your background story and your motivations must be aligned with the gear.

Starting Duty

  • 20 Duty points each (for 4 players as per standard rules)
  • 3 contribution rank (PCs are talented and have been recruited by the Overwatch Division; they deserve a little extra!)
    • Each rank can contribute to one piece of special gear; something rare or costly; some personal vehicle, some kind of amenity’s access or whatever else that feels like a good reward for 100 duty point of contribution to the empire’s prosperity! GM approval is mandatory.
    • Should have of a maximum rarity of (3 + Contribution Rank) with a minimum of 6.

After character creation

Award players +100 XP that cannot be used for characteristics.

New Player Joining

  1. When a new player joins in, he creates his character like mentioned above.
  2. Give a number of CR to the newcomer, that does not provide any reward, based on half the progression of the other PCs (rounded up). Example:
    • If the PCs are CR 12 (started CR 3), they gained 9 CR (12 - 3 = 9).
    • Half of that (rounded up) is 5 (9 / 2 = 4.5 (rounded up) = 5).
    • So the new PC has 5 more CR, for a total of 8 (5 + 3 = 8).
    • The new PC starts at the Agent rank (6), one CR away from Senior Agent (9).
  3. Give the new player XP equal to what the other PCs have accumulated, without the personal bonuses (game time + episode/story).
    • See Awarding XP for more info
    • This should bring the new player to a strong enough level to compete with the others.

Player making a new character

  1. The player creates his character like mentioned above.
  2. Add the CR and XP that he had on his previous character to his new one.

Player coming back to play

  1. Even the XP like newcomers; from where he was to where they are (game time + episode/story)
  2. Even the CR (without the rewards) with half of the progression that they made since.