Starships Rewards

The PCs can use the following house rules to own ships and build a fleet as they rank up in the New Order. They use their Contribution Ranks (CR) as a currency. PCs can spend CR liberally; for example, PCs want to buy a corvette, PC1 spends 2 CR, PC2 spends 1 CR, while the others spend nothing.

One variant that we use is to charge 1 CR per player for smaller ships like a Corvette. While you can use this, I think that sticking to a fixed cost would make it easier.


  • ISB Rank is the name of the rank
  • Min CR is the minimum Contribution Rank required to access that type of vessel
  • Max Sil. is the max size that can be obtained (based on the Min CR)
  • Max cost is the max cost (in credit) that can be obtained (based on the Min CR)
  • CR Cost is the number of CR that must be spent to obtain the vessel

Guidelines (lower ranks)

Due to the fact that Star Wars starships are not logically organized by anything, it was very hard to create a formula to calculate the CR cost of a ship based on its size or credit cost. This is only a guideline and GMs should adjust the cost based on each ship individually (see below).

ISB Rank Min CR Max Sil. Max cost CR Cost Examples
- 1 4 500,000 1 Light freighter
Agent 6 5 3,500,000 3 Corvette
Senior Agent 9 6 7,500,000 4 Carrier
Lieutenant Commander 12 8 50,000,000 5 Victory-Class Star Destroyer
Commander 15 8 150,000,000 7 Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer
Colonel 19 8 250,000,000 8 Secutor-class Star Destroyer

Guidelines (higher ranks)

The following higher-level ranks need to be revised, but here is their actual state, as reference/working-document.

ISB Rank Min CR Max Sil. Max cost CR Cost Examples
Senior Colonel 23 9 500,000,000 10  
- 27 9 750,000,000 14 Praetor Mark II-class battlecruiser
- 31 9 1,000,000,000 18  
Deputy Director/Governor 35 9 1,500,000,000 20 Assertor-class Star Dreadnought
Director/Moff 40 9 2,000,000,000 20 Super Star Destroyer
Grand Moff 45 10 Unique project (like building a Death Star or something)

Individual ship cost

The following are individual ship cost, that has been discussed and agreed upon.

Name/Source Min CR Sil. Cost CR Cost PCs Ships
X-70B Phantom Covert Ops Craft 1 4 325,000 1  
Vigil-Class Corvette 6 5 3,500,000 3 Kaki Usyk
Victory-Class Star Destroyer 12 8 50,000,000 5 Deceptor
Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer 15 8 150,000,000 ?  

This page will be updated as we continue to play.