DestinyAssimilator-class Interdictor Star Destroyer


Faster than the standard Star Destroyer, the Assimilator, as its classification would suggest, is typically going to be found apart of a taskforce conducting patrols of large expanses of Space, or apart of a rapid response taskforce that works to prevent the retreat of hostiles.

Main purposes: Patrol and Interdiction.

The Assimilator only possesses two fighter squadrons, thus leaving it the wrong type of ship to patrol solo. Its small complement is the reason why it is apart of taskforces, rather than solo missions.

A flaw was pointed out that the ship was incapable of immediately leaping into a charted Hyperspace Jump after turning off its Gravity Well Projectors, requiring almost two minutes of a cooldown before allowing the jump to complete, should the ship be under fire while holding that gravity field, it’d leave the ship vulnerable before making its hopeful escape.

general information
skill: Operating
complement: ?
passenger capacity: ?
consumables: ?
encumbrance capacity: ?
cost: ? /?
max speed
hull trauma
system strain
2 Tie Interdictor Squadrons
20 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
15 Ion Cannons
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
10 Quad Turbolaser Cannons
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
30 Long-Range Turbolaser Cannons
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
30 Warhead Launchers
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
50 Quad Laser Cannons
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
50 Flak Cannons
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
2 Tractor Beam Projectors
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
Gravity Well Projector
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
15 Gravity Mines
Fire Arc ?; Damage ?; Critical ?; Range [?]; ?
Campaign Information
 More info about Commodore Justen Baltzell

Flight officer

Justen Baltzell Justen Baltzell, Commodore (Empire) | RIVAL

Commodore Baltzell is an old loyal officer of the New Order. He fought during the clone wars when he was only a young officer.

The Navy is his life and he do not want to retire; but he prefers easier missions nowaday. That’s why he got in charge of the first Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer: the Destiny. The Emperor himself presided the ceremony.

 Adventure info

Introduction: The simulator

An introductory mission, allowing the PCs to get the feel of their character and of the setting where the PCs attacked pirate captain Naarlok’s crew, in an impossible simulator mission.

The PCs started in pursuit of the Scalvenker, a VCX-820 Corellian Escort Freighter. The pirate ship stole goods from the Empire, is heavily armed, and manned by an experienced crew.

After a fierce fight, an heavily modified Nebulon-B frigate, with a skull carved in the front, exited hyperspace to meet the Scalvenker. The Raazial, flagship of the infamous pirate captain Naarlock, opened fire on the PC, to protect the Scalvenker.

The PCs then boarded the Raazial, following the Scalvenker in the hangar. THey then deployed L33T that blasted the hell out of the pirates, helped by the other member of the Overwatch division.

After numerous hit and countless pirate casualties, Undrake called Commodore Carbonneau to the rescue. Luckily, he was in a system close by and was able to come on board the ISD Falsifier to finish up the Raazial; what a good timing!

The players investigated the ship as internal affair ISB agents to make sure that no traitor or uncataloged alien technologies were onboard.

 Adventure info

Episode 1: The Imperial War Machine

This adventure displays the power of the imperial armada during the battle of the Niyrius system, while the PCs help Commander Foxwell to destroy a rebel base.

The first sight of the PCs when exiting hyperspace is the ISD Judgment, two Nebulon-B Frigates, the Kryptoria and the Sparta, and Ties are swarming the place. The rebels were literally getting blasted out of the sky, and they arrived just in time to witness an old rebel’s Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser get cut in half by the Imperial Star Destroyer Judgment’s turbolasers. The rebels had a few X-Wings, a few A-Wings, a few Z95 Headhunters, the infamous B-Wings Phantom Squadron, and another, heavily damaged, Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser. Not long after, the Mon Calamari Cruiser Gladiator, commanded by Commander Fitz Gorr jumped out of hyperspace, positioning himself to cover the rebel escape, in a very unusual way.

Arriving on the planet, manning the laser turret, L33T took down some minor base defences, 2 aces, and a few more fighters! After landing, Dargon converted a native to the Empire to help the PCs, while Undrake was capturing a transport ship, full of ready-to-be-interrogated-rebels, where he also extracted a part of the hyperspace coordinate, leading to their destination.

Then the PCs fought a few rebels, found a huge reinforced blast door that they tried to blow up, but they were lacking a few explosive charges to do so. Luckily, the explosion opened a side path, underground, which lead to fight an invisible beast. Jenssar also learn and saved data about a traitor, Undrake got a datapad containing information about the curious beast and gathered a few mushroom samples, that lead to an interesting conclusion.

Heading back to space, Jenssar face Juno Eclipse for the first time since she left the Empire and killed her two wingman. Meanwhile, the Ion Cannon disabled the Nebulon-B Frigate Kryptoria, the Nebulon-B Frigate Sparta was disabled and rendered unusable by the Gladiator, Phantom Squadron disabled the gravity-well-projector of the Destiny after a saboteur from the inside diverted the power from the shield to the hyperspace modulator, creating an overload that disabled the primary power modulator, in a big laser-ball. The Gladiator blocked the Destiny’s line of sight so many transport ships jumped to hyperspace.

Finally, Grand Admiral Barret Marr and Grand Moff Leeadra Leonis arrived on board of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Liberator, blasting the remaining transports out of the sky and launching a ton a Ties! The Gladiator was heavily damaged before jumping into hyperspace.

Imperial Intelligence Commander Rostock blamed the ISB for their botched investigation on board of the Destiny. She also bragged about all of the data gathered by the Imperial Intelligence, and pointed out how the Overwatch Division failed to destroyed the Ion Canon and how they terminated multiple hostages that could have withheld critical information.

The players arrived on board of the Destiny.

The Destiny’s gravitational well was disabled by the infamous rebels of the B-Wings Phantom Squadron during the battle.