Episode 4: Elusive maneuvers

Phoebe Gray has gone missing and Tom Krenik was still defending her. In fact, Tom decided to get rid of her by sinking her family’s mansion by coercing with one of Phoebe’s best friend: Gallagher Linton.

The PCs traveled to Traer-4 and arrived at the Gray’s family-owned island. While Jenssar was playing the diplomat, charming Grace Gray the repulse-o-ski athlete in the process; Undrake was exploring, military style, entering by the dock’s garage door.

During the talks with the Gray sisters and Gallagher, Phoebe tells the PCs that she had nothing to do with all of this, and that Tom sent her here for her protection. Then the hurricane alarm started, the shield was sabotaged!

The PCs found out that Gallagher was a traitor, was able to repair the shield generator, save both sisters, and send a message to the Empire about Tom Krenik, leading to his arrest.