Silver Sun Mining Company Company

The company was founded 195 years ago by Daniel Jones. At the time, its main business was mining blaster gas extract, with 30 employees headquartered in a well-maintained office.

The company’s first main breakthrough was figuring out a method to produce durasteel 25% faster than the competition.

Campaign Information
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Episode 3: Coercive Diplomacy

Officially, the Overwatch had to convince the CEO and the Board of Directors of Silver Sun Mining Company to allow the empire to secure their facilities due to an increase in rebel activity. Unofficially, the Empire suspected the Silver Sun Mining Company of letting the rebels steal starfighter-grade durasteel to help the rebellion against the New Order.

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Episode 4: Elusive maneuvers

The CEO Tom Krenik was removed from office after the PCs found that he was conspiring with the Rebel Alliance.

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Episode 10: The Lanexa-Bunn Mine

The rebel base is built inside an old Silver Sun Mining Company’s mine.