Joshua Jett, Senior Agent (NEMESIS)

Joshua Jett

Jett loves infiltration and is very good at it; this is one of the main reasons why he is still doing those kinds of missions with his rank. He is one of the best Overwatch infiltrators of the outer rim.

He is warmhearted and friendly, serene of spirit, and always happy and smiling, but constantly overindulges in alcohol.


Alignment: Lightside

Attitude: Conscientious

He is often an individualist who works for the law and the good of the greatest number of people, but who may dis-trust higher authority, living and working “outside the law.” Includes vigilantes and “Robin Hood” type characters.


  • Kindly (Average); warmhearted and friendly.
  • Peaceful (Obsessive); serene of spirit.
  • Cheerful (Strong); always happy and smiling.
  • Drunkard (Obsessive); constantly overindulges in alcohol.