Ashton Mccausland, Captain (rival)

Ashton Mccausland

Ashton Mccausland was the captain of the Nebulon-B Frigate Sparta, when it was disabled by the rebels at the battle of the Niyrius system.

He was then given the command of the ISD Herald of Sorrow and assisted at the battle of the Galactic Race.

motivationpersonality: Rude
strength - Curious
Life is a million mysteries, and your character wants to learn about every one. Whether curiosity drives them to meet new people, explore distant locales, or learn fantastic new truths and ideas is up to you.
flaw - Timid
Your character is extremely risk averse, opting instead to take more thorough or tried-and-true approaches. They may take too long to act or may be unable to act at all in the face of new or intimidating challenges.
Initial Seed: 475267