Justen Baltzell, Commodore (RIVAL)

Justen Baltzell

Commodore Baltzell is an old loyal officer of the New Order. He fought during the clone wars when he was only a young officer.

The Navy is his life and he do not want to retire; but he prefers easier missions nowaday. That’s why he got in charge of the first Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer: the Destiny. The Emperor himself presided the ceremony.

Episode 0
ship: Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny



If the PCs are making too much noize about the investigation, Baltzell will begin to not like that and will try to shut the operation down; claiming that his cruiser was safe for years and will continue to be so under his exemplary command!

motivationpersonality: Raspy voice
desires - Fame
Your character seeks the limelight and wants to be famous. They pursue anything that can garner attention and praise.
fear - Change
Your character finds routine and stability comforting, and fears changes that could upend their day-to-day routine.
strength - Courageous
Fear has no place in your character’s heart. They laugh at danger and gladly push themself to confront what others flee from. Note that your character probably still has a Fear Motivation. It’s up to you whether that Fear is the one thing that can undo your character’s courage, or if this Strength pushes them to confront the source of their Fear no matter what.
flaw - Compulsion
Commodore Baltzell is obsessed by his look; everything must be clean, his uniform perfect, etc. He (too) often replace his uniform, or try to clean it up (even when clean), etc. This is probably anoying to others, but he is most of the time the boss, so...
Initial Seed: 75225