Tarrance Favreau, Second Lieutenant (RIVAL)

Tarrance Favreau

Tarrance looks like he slept in a sublight engine and some unknown substances stain his uniform. He his clearly not heading to a parade.

He wears a toolbelt and has, most of the time, some kind of diagnostic tools in his hand.


Tarrance is a hell of a mechanic, but he hears nothing and knows nothing; besides how to keep a capital ship flying!

Episode 0
ship: Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny
area: Engineering section
motivationpersonality: Hard of hearing
desires - Vengeance
Someone or something wronged your character in the past, and the character has sworn to exact revenge against the aggrieving party.
fear - Failure
Most people dislike failure, but some actively fear it. That fear may drive them to try to become absolutely perfect, or it may crush them into inaction. Maybe it does both.
strength - Adaptable
No matter what life throws at your character, they always rise to the challenge. Your character is flexible and can handle nearly every situation, no matter how grim or strange the circumstances.
flaw - Ignorance
Your character lacks a basic knowledge base or understanding of a society’s norms. This may be due to your character’s upbringing or their recent travel to another area of the world. This could be more than just being “uneducated”; at some level, your character may be willfully ignorant.
Initial Seed: 422762