Garold Carbonneau, Commodore (rival)

Garold Carbonneau

Commodore Carbonneau is the officer in charge of the ISD Falsifier, coming to rescue the PCs from pirate captain Naarlock! Agent Undrake called Commodore Carbonneau following their incapacity to contain the Naarlock threat themselves.

motivationpersonality: Snooty
strength - Courageous
Fear has no place in your character’s heart. They laugh at danger and gladly push themself to confront what others flee from. Note that your character probably still has a Fear Motivation. It’s up to you whether that Fear is the one thing that can undo your character’s courage, or if this Strength pushes them to confront the source of their Fear no matter what.
flaw - Timid
Your character is extremely risk averse, opting instead to take more thorough or tried-and-true approaches. They may take too long to act or may be unable to act at all in the face of new or intimidating challenges.
Initial Seed: 459882