Naarlock, Captain (NEMESIS)


Bad ass killer pirate captain!


Their base name is the Atoll of the Unnamed. The planet is very watery. The base entrance is coral rim that completely encircles a lagoon; with a force field that keep the water outside, if you don’t know, it looks like a normal lagoon. When entering the base, it feels like crashing in the water!

desires - Fame
Your character seeks the limelight and wants to be famous. They pursue anything that can garner attention and praise.
fear - Commitment
The idea of making promises or being relied on scares your character, who hates the idea that someone else is relying on them. This fear of commitment could manifest in relationships, on the job, or among family.
strength - Adaptable
No matter what life throws at your character, they always rise to the challenge. Your character is flexible and can handle nearly every situation, no matter how grim or strange the circumstances.
flaw - Deception
Your character may be disloyal or a compulsive liar. They are concerned with their own wellbeing first and foremost, and they might always present themselves in the best possible light even when that isn’t the case.