Shawn Shays (nemesis)

Shawn Shays

Shawn looks like a high ranking officer…


Shawn’s Lightsaber Pike has an Extended Hilt mod that adds +1 damage; on the other end is a blaster rifle. There are two entries in the gear section to make it easier, but that the same piece of gear. Same goes with the Cumbersome 3; that’s for both combined.

motivationpersonality: Lacking empathy
desires - Justice
Shawn believes in the Voiceless Ones set of ethics that demands sharing information about one self.
fear - Nemesis
TBD: the dark character?
strength - Spiritual
Shawn believes in the Voiceless Ones society and spiritual order.
flaw - Intolerance
He finds non-Voiceless Ones to be disgraceful and selfish. He quickly hate others.
2 | 2
Athletics 2
Brawl 2
Charm 2
Coercion 2
Cool 2
Deception 2
Discipline 3
Leadership 2
Lightsaber 4
Knowledge (All) 2
Perception 3
Piloting (Planetary) 2
Ranged (Light) 3
Ranged (Heavy) 3
Stealth 3
Vigilance 2
Adversary 3

Upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target three time.

Force Rating 3

Dark Side Force User: Uses Dark Side results instead of Light Side results: see page 281 of the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook.

Parry 5

When struck by a melee attack, but before applying soak, suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 7.

Reflect 5

When struck by a ranged attack, but before applying soak, suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 7.

Reflect (Improved)

When reflecting a hit that generated or may hit one target in medium range with the same damage as the initial hit, after original attack resolves.


After using Reflect, may spend 1 Story Point to perform Move maneuver as out-of-turn incidental to close distance with or engage opponent.

Draw Closer

Make a Lightsaber (Willpower) combat check against one silhouette 1 target within medium range, adding to the check. Shawn may spend to move the target one range band closer—may do this multiple times—or add to the check. He must move the target to engage her or the attack misses.

Drive Back

Spend or on a missed Brawl, Lightsaber, or Melee combat check to force the target to make a move maneuver in a direction of the Shawn’s choice

Scathing Tirade (Improved)

As an action, make an Average () Coercion check. For each , one enemy within short range suffers 1 strain. For every spent, an affected target suffers 1 additional strain. Affected enemies add to all skill checks they make for a two rounds.

Comrades in Arms (Improved)

Once per encounter, make a Hard () Discipline Check. If successful, your character plus one ally per within medium range gains +1 defense for the remainder of the encounter. -Effects end if affected targets move beyond medium range. -Spend or when performing Comrades in Arms to also gain +1 soak or give one affected ally +1 soak.

Force Power: Voiceless One's Influence

Project terrifying visions onto foes, forcing them to face their greatest fears; EP12: describe the Emperor’s death & RotJ events.

  • May spend to target one character within short range. That character must make an Average () fear check as an out of turn incidental.
  • Spend to increase the power’s range by 3 range bands.
  • Spend to increase the difficulty of the fear check by 2.
  • Spend to increase the number of targets affected by 2.
  • If target suffers strain, Shawn Shays recovers an equal amount of strain.
  • Once per session, after a target fails a fear check caused by this power, Shawn Shays may have the target perform one action as an out of turn incidental.

Force Power: Voiceless One's Control

Shawn Shays restrains an enemy using fear, preventing the target from acting.

  • Spend to immobilize a target within short range until the end of Shawn’s next turn. If Shawn used any to generate , the target suffers 1 wound per (ignoring soak).
  • Spend to increase the range by 1.
  • Spend to affect 1 additional target.

Voiceless Ones Telepathic Link

All Voiceless Ones have a telepathic link between each other and can use it to coordinate better. Add to any checks that requires unit coordination, like attacks, initiative, etc.

Voiceless Ones Upload Link

All Voiceless Ones have an upload link that send everything they see to a central server that stores everything.

Double Initiative

Shawn Shays act twice per round and roll initiative twice.

Shawn's Combat Armor Integrated MedPak

As an out of turn incidental, once per turn, Shawn can active a MedPak, built-in its combat armor. Act as a normal MedPak.

Shawn's Pike Rifle (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Stun setting, Accurate 1, Cumbersome 3)
Shawn's Dark Red Lightsaber Pike (Lightsaber; Damage 7; Critical 2; Range [Engaged]; Breach 1, Cumbersome 3, Defensive 1, Sunder)
Shawn's Armor and Cloak (+2 soak, +1 defense) - Episode 12
Shawn's Combat Armor (+4 soak, +2 defense, Cortosis) - Episode 13
Source: FTNO p.