Base guidelines

  • 5 xp per hour played
  • 10-30 xp for the completion of an episode
  • 20-50 xp for the completion of a story arc

Session XP

We usually play 2-3 hours per week, so a player that attend a session gets 5 xp.

  • 5 xp per player that attend (per session)

Bonus XP

When players do exceptional stuff, like doing most of the talking during a game session or getting the PCs out of trouble using a original idea, then that deserves a reward.

  • 5 xp for exceptional RP or motivation play (once per episode)
  • 5 xp for very original or game-changer idea (once per episode)
  • 5 xp for interesting or very useful usage of a story points (once per episode)

The guide says “once per episode”, but in some circumstances, I would not mind awarding 5 xp per player, up to once per session. Especially for episodes that last 4 or more weeks.

Official bonus XP rules (unused)

I don’t feel the need to use the base rules with all of the above; but here they are, the rule that don’t apply:

  • 10 xp for exceptional motivation play (once per character’s lifetime)
  • 5 xp for great RP or motivation play (once per episode)

Spending XP

  • Players can use XP to “level up” characters only between game sessions or during sessions designed for that
  • Players can flip a Story Point to invest XP or CR during a game session (at GM discretion)