Episode 5: The Cryptic Text

The Chiss Initiatives deciphered the file found by Undrake. The document contains ancient Jedi symbols. A piece of a Jedi-Sith War era-old translator device could be located under an old supply depot base of a remote jungle planet. Raymond, infiltrated in the EdG criminal syndicate, discovered that the station was a base serving the infamous Brew Wilfinger aka “Brewinger”.

The PCs paid 1800 credits to get information on the whereabout of a rebel agent that could lead them to a secret base.

The PCs also meet multiple people, including Gannon Malchy, their liaison agent to Brewinger as well ass two beast traders, named Nollie Bonesack and Elwood Nettwin.

The PCs gave 2 military-grade blaster rifle crates to Brewinger to gain access to some information about the rebels (that ended up with nothing, see below, and it became running gag inside Brewinger’s organization).

Kaine found a drunk that allowed him access to the basement, giving the PCs a chance to search for the artifact, but after taking a wrong turn, their turbolift opened right in the command center, where Jenssar recklessly attacked Brewinger and his man.

That ended up with the Kaki Usyk attacking the base and getting highly damaged; Foxwell was furious!