Episode 2: The Communication Logs

In an old abandoned Rebel Propaganda Broadcast Facility used as a relay, deep into the Outer Rim, close to the unknown regions, the PCs had to acquire the tower transmissions logs to help triangulate the hyperspace coordinate stolen by Undrake. Moreover, Undrake received a coded message from the Chiss initiative telling him to look for a file, in the Jakuta III base, hashed 65c336faac23467b9ef0dbb80781434e.

During the download of the communication logs, the pirates assaulted the base, and without L33T you were overpowered; getting captured seemed the best idea. Having noticed the abnormal seismic activity, the Overwatch decided not to waste too much time in that cell and killed the only guard.

The PCs geared themselves up temporarily using pirate stuff until the found their own things. Dargon learnt about the Alchemists, which could have made the poison that killed his wife. The Alchemists seems linked to a violent crime syndicate named the EdG, that operate deep in the Outer Rim. The PCs also meet Raymond Fremder, converted by Dargon charm (and money). Raymond, also known as Raymond L’impitoyable, helped the PCs to get to their objective and to escape; he is working for Starlight Industries since then.

Undrake did not find what he expected, but found a message in an old language that had to be deciphered; he brought it back to the Chiss initiative. After a few intense firefights, the PCs downloaded the data and escaped before the volcano hosting the base erupted!