Juno's X-WingT-65B Multi-Role Starfighter

Juno's X-Wing

Incom’s T-65B X-wing is the Rebel Alliance’s primary force projection starfighter. A powerful, capable, easy to fly starfighter, the X-wing combines speed and hitting power into a potent package. X-wings are a true multi-role fighter, extremely effective in numerous missions from reconnaissance to attack to ship-to-ship dogfighting.

general information
manufacturer: Incom Corporation
  • primary: Class 1
  • navicomputer: No - Astromech droid socket
skill: Piloting
sensor range: close
complement: 1 pilot, 1 astromech droid
passenger capacity: 0
consumables: 1 week
encumbrance capacity: 10
cost: 120,000 /5
hard points: 1