DeceptorVictory II-class Star Destroyer


The Deceptor is controlled by the PCs.

general information
manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
  • primary: Class 1
  • navicomputer: Yes
  • backup: Class 15
skill: Operating
sensor range: long
consumables: 1 year
encumbrance capacity: 6500
cost: 50,000,000 (R)/6
crew: 6,107 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew
starfighters: 24 starfighters
vehicles: Numerous shuttles, landing craft, utility vehicles, and AT-series walkers
troops: 1,600 troops
max speed
hull trauma
120 | 0
system strain
50 | 0
massive 1:

When making an attack targeting this starship, the critical rating of any weapons used counts as 1 higher.

5 port and 5 starboard light quad turbolaser batteries
Fire Arc Port and Forward or Starboard and Forward; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Linked 3, Slow-Firing 1
10 forward-mounted twin medium turbolasers
Fire Arc Forward; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, SlowFiring 1
10 dorsal twin medium turbolasers
Fire Arc Forward; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1
20 assault concussion missile launchers
Fire Arc Forward; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Blast 4, Breach 5, Guided 2, Inaccurate 1, Slow-Firing 1
10 hull-mounted heavy tractor beams
Fire Arc All; Damage -; Critical Hit -; Range [Short]; Tractor 6
hard points: 4
Improved Medical Lab
cost: 0
effects: Grant tool of the trade () to medicine checks.

Kaine used his resources to create a high-tech medicine lab specializing in drug research, primarily to torture people.

More TBD

Campaign Information
 More info about Senior Captain Felecia Kralick

Flight officer

Felecia Kralick Felecia Kralick, Senior Captain (Empire) | rival

Flight officer of the Victory Class Star Destroyer Deceptor, Senior Captain Felecia Kralick, is a condescending, proud, and very analytical officer that got known for her fierce leadership and tactics at the blockade of Naarmatis. From that day forward, her knowledge of space superiority and warfare can hardly be questioned.

She is a highly educated woman who also learned how to maneuver capital ships to understands what is the reality of her crew, allowing her to improvise realistic tactics more efficiently.

 Adventure info

Episode 12: Assault on Mulino


The Deceptor was part of the Mulino system’s invading forces.

References: ACRB p.283