Ranks & Rewards

See below to the full ranks list and their badges Badges.

To rank up, the players needs to accumulate contribution ranks (see Age of Rebellion’s duty system [p. 49, 325] for more info). The following table gives the GMs a guide about how many Contribution Ranks (CR) are needed to achieve a certain ranks. GM discretion is advised, especially for higher ranks.

Below are also some guidelines about the kind of rewards a PC could want, based on his CR.

ISB Rank Minimum
16 - 45 Grand Moff
15 Director 40 Moff
14 Deputy Director 35 Governor/Viceroy
13 - 31  
12 - 27  
11 Senior Colonel 23  
10 Colonel 19  
9 Commander 15  
8 Lieutenant Commander 12  
7 Senior Agent 9  
6 Agent 6  
5 Inspector General 4  
4 Inspector 3  
3 Junior Inspector 2  
2 - 1  
1 - 0  


This may not be the absolute truth, but this is the best that I found:

Ranks diagram


These are guidelines to help with CR rewards. This is a work in progress.

Required Rank Rewards* Cost
any Elite soldier squadron: 8 minions (soldiers) + 1 rivals (squad leader/sergeant) 1
any Personal Starfighter, light freighter 1
3+ Starship Squadron: 11 minions (pilots) + 1 rivals (Wing Commander) 1
5+ Nemesis (follow the rule of PC creation, then add 40xp * CR used)1 1
5+ Corvette or Gunship 1 per player in the team
7+ Elite Starship Squadron: 9 minions (pilots) + 2 rivals (aces) + 1 nemesis (Wing Commander) 1
9+ Cruiser 1 per player in the team
12+ Small Battleship (example: Victory-Class Star Destroyer) 1+ per player in the team
15+ Battleship (example: Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer) 1+ per player in the team
23+ Big Battleship (example: Praetor Mark II-class battlecruiser) 1+ per player in the team
35+ Huge Battleship and battle stations (example: Super Star Destroyer) 1+ per player in the team
45+ Unique project (like building a Death Star or something) 1+ per player in the team
  • 1 The XP related to NPCs are simple guides; a player or a GM could choose a NPC from a book and modify it a bit. Everything is at the discretion of the GM. The GM should consider that the higher CR, the stronger the NPC.
  • *All starship comes in fully crewed and equipped with standard equipment.