Administrator Blinn (Utopia)

Administrator Blinn

Blinnmâtoe-Stiwruq is the administrator of Utopia; the cube-shaped pleasure station.

Alexandros Haff, Body Guard (Rebels)

Alexandros Haff

Alexandros Haff is one of the two loyal bodyguards of the rebel Commander Fitz Gorr.

Ashton Mccausland, Captain (Empire)

Ashton Mccausland

Barret Marh, Grand Admiral (Empire)

Barret Marh

Grand Admiral Barret Marh is actively seeking to eliminate the rebel threat, once and for all! And, under the command of Grand Moff Leonis, on board the Imperial Super Star Destroyer "The Liberator", he does a great job at it!

Carter Foxwell, Commander (Empire)

Carter Foxwell

Carter Foxwell is a respected Imperial Security Bureau Commander. He is the PCs overseer.

Claudette Mauve Malasky (Pirates)

Claudette Mauve Malasky

Claudette “Mauve” Malasky, called M&M, is the captain and pilot of the Scalvenker!

Corry Stocks, Lieutenant (Empire)

Corry Stocks

Standing 5' 9" tall, Lieutenant Corry Stocks is an olive-skinned woman that has a sweet and innocent feel about her. She has a narrow face with a small nose, small ears, rosy cheeks, and puffy lips. Her blue eyes are wide, she has tapered eyebrows, and long braided blonde hairs. She has toned arms, sexy curves, and long legs.

Derrek Guthrie, Inspector General (Empire)

Derrek Guthrie

Inspector General Guthrie is the internal affaire ISB agent responsible of the Destiny and he will collaborate with any other ISB agent at 200%.

Elanor Bones (Pirates)

Elanor Bones

Elanor “Bones” is a crew member of the Scalvenker (Cannoneers).

Ephrem Frystak, Waiter (Empire)

Ephrem Frystak

Ephrem Frystak was an imperial cadet that got kicked out of the academy for being Absent-minded. He then joined the Ancillary corp and became a notorious Waiter, attending important events and serving important people, like Grand Moff Leonis and Cie during the Episode 8: The Galactic Race.

Fitz Gorr, Commander (Rebels)

Fitz Gorr


Hugo the Hatless (Pirates)

Hugo the Hatless

Hugo the Hatless is a crew member of the Scalvenker (Cannoneers).

Juno Eclipse, Captain (Rebels)

Juno Eclipse

Juno Eclipse was a Human female officer and pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Prior to her service in the Alliance Fleet, Eclipse served in the naval forces of the Galactic Empire. A graduate of the Imperial Academy on Corulag, her homeworld, she ultimately attained the rank of Captain after making a name for herself as an exceptionally skilled TIE pilot.

Justen Baltzell, Commodore (Empire)

Justen Baltzell

Commodore Baltzell is an old loyal officer of the New Order. He fought during the clone wars when he was only a young officer.

Lance Sleater, Grand General (Empire)

Lance Sleater

Grand General Lance Sleater is a courageous man, serving under Grand Moff Leonis for many years, and leads the Priority Sectors' forces against the Rebel Alliance with pride!

Leeadra Leonis, Grand Moff (Empire)

Leeadra Leonis

Grand Moff Leeadra Leonis overlook a critical priority sector consisting of almost 20 sectors and commands formidable forces aided by Grand Admiral Barret Marh and Grand General Lance Sleater.

Lindsey Rostock, Commander (Empire)

Lindsey Rostock

Commander Rostock is the Imperial Intelligence's equivalent to Commander Foxwell and she loves to make the ISB looks bad.

Naarlock, Captain (Pirates)


Bad ass killer pirate captain!

Olav Heglund, Sniper (Rebels)

Olav Heglund

Olav Heglund is a seasoned sniper and one loyal member of rebel Commander Fitz Gorr's inner circle.

Phil Ellingsen, Communication (Empire)

Phil Ellingsen

Pirate Commando (Pirates)

Pirate Commando

Captain Naarlock's pirates commandos!

Pirate Swarm (Pirates)

Pirate Swarm

Captain Naarlock's pirates swarm!

Raymond Fremder (Starlight Industries)

Raymond Fremder

Raymond, also known as Raymond L'impitoyable, was a pirate smuggler in the Captain Naarlok organization; he deserted when Dargon Starlight recruited him. He is now an employee of Starlight Industries, doing Dargon's biddings.

Salomon Fauls, Captain (Empire)

Salomon Fauls

Captain of the Vigial-class corvette Kaki Usyk, under the command of the PCs.

Stormtrooper (Empire)


The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is an independent branch of the military, and while they answer to the officers of both the Army and the Navy, their own commanders have the discretion to ignore or overrule orders issued to them if they feel they are not in the best interests of the Galactic Empire.

Tarrance Favreau, Second Lieutenant (Empire)

Tarrance Favreau

Tarrance looks like he slept in a sublight engine and some unknown substances stain his uniform. He his clearly not heading to a parade.

Travus Karns, Captain (Empire)

Travus Karns

Captain of the Nebulon-B Frigates Kryptoria.

Winne Squires, Captain (Empire)

Winne Squires