Utopia is an enormous cube-shaped space station that hosts a never-ending rave, filled with criminals and information. There are rooms for almost any taste, including a casino!

In Utopia, all kind of exotic spices and drugs are available. There are also offering of slaves and strippers from all corners of the galaxy.

There are guards posts and patrols everywhere. The guards wear riot-control equipment, but a fully stocked armory is also available to them if need be.

Utopia is divided into three major sections, but as a rule of thumbs, the lower levels are creepier while the higher levels are more vibrant.

The scums slum

The lower part of Utopia is filled with scums of all kinds; “light” weapons are allowed, but for a few credits and the right contacts, you walk around with an E-Web, and no one will care.

There are suspicious bars, obscure strip-club, dirty parties, shady lounges, and other fun places where scoundrels like to hang out.

The low docks

The low docks is the name given to the scums docking bays. All docks open on the scums slum.

The vibrant district

The vibrant zone hosts “cleaner” raves, bars, and other crazy things as well as a casino, an “higher-class” strip-club, a “clean” slave market and an auction for exotic items (sometimes slaves are auctioned there as well).

Administrator Blinn’s office is on that side of the space station as well as all the real business.

The high docks

The high docks is the name given to the rich people’s docking bays; they open on a private buffer zone which leads directly into the vibrant district. The access to the high docks is highly restricted and requires high-level connections; trespassers will be shut down.

The buffer zone

Between the criminals and the elite areas, Blinn built an antechamber with increased security. There is a huge waiting room and a small heavily guarded “disarming room”.

The weapons, taken from visitors, are stored in sealed pods. Those pods are sent elsewhere on the ship, which leads to an extremely safe process; even more reliable than on many Imperial spaceports. Blinn has to keep is neutral reputation intact!

general information
skill: Operating
complement: Unknown
passenger capacity: Unknown
consumables: 2 years
encumbrance capacity: Unknown
cost: 0 /Unique
max speed
hull trauma
125 | 0
system strain
75 | 0
Unknown: Unknown