Updated Squads & Squadrons house rules

I recently updated updated the official Squads & Squadrons rules to make them “ready” for the third version of imperial assets control house rules. This series of talents that are built on top of the official Squads & Squadrons rules seems to be the way to go. Minor tweaks will most likely be needed, talents added, updated, or removed, and new talent trees will most likely see the light of day.

How to get started?

  • Start by the modified Squads & Squadrons rules
  • Then explore the new Rewards (Talents) page for two new complete talent trees, ways to spend some XP and CR:
    1. Squadron Leader (Navy)
    2. Stormtrooper Squad Leader

A bit of history

  • We ditched my first idea, Team Presence, before even trying it. It was too mathematic for the Star Wars and Genesys rulesets and it would have required another level a management (which is the opposite of the goal here).
  • Then came the second version. But, after field testing that second version, adjustments were needed, and we discovered the official rules. So the third version was born. That third version is integrated with the existing Squads & Squadrons rules instead, making it more balanced to begin with.