Tlauhath, Ensign (RIVAL)

motivationpersonality: Angry
desires - Safety
Your character values peace and comfort above all else. Perhaps they seek shelter, a steady source of food, or other material necessities, or they might seek emotional security in a place free from oppression and abuse.
fear - Poverty
For your character, it’s all about wealth and security. They fear being without, and they work hard to amass money, supplies, and other valuable items to ensure their status.
strength - Courageous
Fear has no place in your character’s heart. They laugh at danger and gladly push themself to confront what others flee from. Note that your character probably still has a Fear Motivation. It’s up to you whether that Fear is the one thing that can undo your character’s courage, or if this Strength pushes them to confront the source of their Fear no matter what.
flaw - Greed
Your character is never satisfied with what they have, always wanting more. They are willing to flout the law or infringe upon others’ rights in order to get what they want.
Initial Seed: 32968