Thacher Sigfrid, Lieutenant Commander (RIVAL)

Thacher Sigfrid
motivationpersonality: Jovial
desires - Safety
Your character values peace and comfort above all else. Perhaps they seek shelter, a steady source of food, or other material necessities, or they might seek emotional security in a place free from oppression and abuse.
fear - Isolation
Your character fears being isolated from other people and being doomed to live and die alone. Maybe this drives them to seek out relationships with anyone and everyone, even when a relationship is unpleasant or unhealthy.
strength - Analytical
Your character’s mind is like a computer, able to absorb a barrage of information and come to a logical conclusion. Your solutions always have the inarguable weight of reason, and you know how to pick your battles and when to bide your time.
flaw - Greed
Your character is never satisfied with what they have, always wanting more. They are willing to flout the law or infringe upon others’ rights in order to get what they want.
Initial Seed: 37445