Sylvia Pellissier, Captain (rival)

Sylvia Pellissier

Captain Pellissier is the best Tie Interceptor squad leader on board of the Destiny.

She looks a little odd with her missing eye, nevertheless, she never wanted a cyber-replacement; she's still the best pilot of that sectors (and still reckless).

Episode 0
ship: Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny
area: Hangar Bays
motivationpersonality: Missing eye
strength - Wise
Through years of experience and countless events, your character has developed that rare quality: wisdom. The wise understand the truths of how their world works. Just as importantly, they know that sometimes, with the right effort, those truths can be overcome.
flaw - Recklessness
Your character shows little regard for how their actions may affect themself or others, due either to low selfesteem or lack of forethought. They are especially prone to dangerous or inconsiderate actions.
Initial Seed: 208139