Steven Winterrowd, Lieutenant (rival)

Steven Winterrowd


Winterrowd, hates newcomers to the point that he his xenophobic. All of that mixed with his flaw can lead to him telling lies about day to day operations. He believes that he is doing the good thing because the ship was not ready for an inspection.

The commodore will defend him is the PCs press too much. Winterrowd is a 100% dedicated to the empire!

Episode 0
ship: Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny
area: Officers row
motivationpersonality: Xenophobic
strength - Spiritual
The Destiny is his home and the empire is his family!
flaw - Deception
If something is not 100% right during the inspection, Winterrowd will try to hide the truth to make things right.
Initial Seed: 78276