Karly Cop, Chief of Department (RIVAL)

Karly Cop

Karly looks like the perfect Imperial officer: no hair misplaced, uniform ironed out, shiny boots and no makeup.


Karly will do anything to delay internal affairs (the PCs), even if she has nothing against them. She realy is "the perfect officer", with a bright career in front of her.

Episode 0
ship: Assimilator-Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Destiny
  • Officers Row
  • Command Section
motivationpersonality: Clueless
desires - Ambition
Your character craves power and authority over others. The character may pursue privilege, social status, or rank to achieve this goal.
fear - Expression
Karly likes to be girly in private and off-duty; which is the total opposite of her day to day look.
strength - Patient
Your character is always willing to wait and knows the power of being calm. By waiting for the right opportunity, your character avoids all manner of unpleasant and dangerous situations. However, when such an opportunity presents itself, your character acts swiftly and decisively.
flaw - Intolerance
Karly hates internal affairs, after her brother got himself wrongly imprisoned; she will reject most requests or reroute the agent to another higher ranked officer for approval (most of the time the agent will need to come back to her [and she knows it; she only want to delay them and piss them off a little]).
Initial Seed: 56602