Casandra Bucceri, Lieutenant-General (NEMESIS)

Casandra Bucceri
motivationpersonality: Raspy voice
desires - Love
Your character seeks romantic affection and intimacy from another character. Your character might already have a true love or may strive to find someone to love and be loved by.
fear - Poverty
For your character, it’s all about wealth and security. They fear being without, and they work hard to amass money, supplies, and other valuable items to ensure their status.
strength - Adaptable
No matter what life throws at your character, they always rise to the challenge. Your character is flexible and can handle nearly every situation, no matter how grim or strange the circumstances.
flaw - Recklessness
Your character shows little regard for how their actions may affect themself or others, due either to low selfesteem or lack of forethought. They are especially prone to dangerous or inconsiderate actions.
Initial Seed: 56611