Bordie Claeson, Captain ()

Bordie Claeson
motivationpersonality: Amorous
desires - Knowledge
Your character wishes to uncover knowledge that may have been lost, forgotten, or locked away. This information could pertain to the world, or it could pertain to your character’s past or origins.
fear - Nemesis
Your character has a deadly foe, someone they fear (even if they don’t admit it). The nature of this enemy is up to you, but we suggest you consult with your GM. After all, your GM surely wants to bring this up in the game!
strength - Courageous
Fear has no place in your character’s heart. They laugh at danger and gladly push themself to confront what others flee from. Note that your character probably still has a Fear Motivation. It’s up to you whether that Fear is the one thing that can undo your character’s courage, or if this Strength pushes them to confront the source of their Fear no matter what.
flaw - Compulsion
This could be addiction, fascination, obsession, or another automatic behavior that is self-destructive or otherwise impedes your character’s ability to function and be healthy.
Initial Seed: 164408