Ambros Walty, Deputy Director (nemesis)

Ambros Walty
motivationpersonality: Morose
desires - Belonging
Your character seeks to be liked by others and goes out of the way to make a good impression. Your character seeks to be accepted by a community or faction.
fear - Expression
Your character has some behavior or means of expressing themself privately that they do not want the world to know about. The nature of that behavior is up to you. Keep the setting in mind when you come up with it, though.
strength - Courageous
Fear has no place in your character’s heart. They laugh at danger and gladly push themself to confront what others flee from. Note that your character probably still has a Fear Motivation. It’s up to you whether that Fear is the one thing that can undo your character’s courage, or if this Strength pushes them to confront the source of their Fear no matter what.
flaw - Laziness
Your character always seeks the path of least resistance and becomes intimidated by difficult or complex tasks.
Initial Seed: 104594